Kitchenware Promodizer


  • College level or at least High School graduate
  • Preferably with working experience as Promodiser
  • Ability to communicate and promote products to customers
  • Experience in wholesale or retail industry would be an advantage

Job Descriptions:

  • Greet customers and offer them an assistance
  • Advise customers by providing information on products
  • Sell products being promoted, and keep records of sales
  • Work as part of a team of demonstrators to accommodate large crowds
  • Arrange the products on stock shelves
  • Give tours to customers where specific products are located
  • Suggest your product to purchase it and meet customers’ needs
  • Instruct customers in alteration of products
  • Recommend your product or service to customers
  • Assist the needs of the customers at the same time to promote the product that you have been assigned
  • Keep areas neat while working, and return items to correct locations following demonstrations
  • Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations