In 1948, RAMESH TRADING was founded by Mr. Hakoomal S. Mirchandani as a General Merchandise store in Escolta, Manila called Regent Quality Store under the company name Regent Merchandising. The company was established before World War II. After the outbreak of the war, the place of business was moved to Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila as a retailer / wholesaler / importer of general merchandise.

In 1956 the company transferred its operation to 553 Rosario St. (now Quintin Paredes St.), Binondo, Manila

In 1979, the company changed its name to Ramesh Trading Company, a domestic mercantile partnership engaged in importation, distribution, trading & wholesaling of baby / Infant Products & Accessories.

The change in the name of the company was done in memory of the youngest son (named Ramesh) of the founder who passed away at a very young age. It also moved its office to Room 303, 3rd floor, Singson Building, Plaza Moraga, Manila

In 1989, with the rapid growth of the company and increasing demands of the customers, an opportunity for expansion came about. From a small place in Manila, the company transferred to a modern three-story building in Makati. With this move storage of merchandise capacity tripled in terms of space.

Simultaneously, the company implemented an information technology & enterprise resource planning system that improved the working environment & enhanced the working style of the employees. This would help the company cater better to the needs of clients.

This system has been successful as it allowed the company to monitor the sales, credit & collection and inventory system with greater accuracy and efficiency, and has therefore, resulted in better service to the clients and substantial increase in orders and deliveries.

The company’s aggressive sales force spreads all over the country capturing substantial market and sales volumes for every product it handles. It has successfully established over one thousand accounts nationwide.

In 2006 Ramesh Trading Company changed its business type to a CORPORATION as part of its efforts to improve itself in the new millennium coupled with the entry of the 3rd Generation now handling the business.

After 70 years of its existence, the company has successfully branched out its endeavors into importing, exporting, wholesaling and distributorship of various products. It is now known as RAMESH TRADING CORPORATION. The company will continue to provide the same products and fine services on which it has built its reputation in the industry FOR THE PAST 70 Years.

At present, the corporation is under the helm of Mr. Haresh H. Mirchandani (2nd Generation), who is the President & CEO. The company has evolved from a

Merchandise store, to one of the most stable trading & distribution companies in the country.

Today, in terms of product availability, quality, durability, and affordability we, at RAMESH TRADING CORPORATION are enjoying a reputation as being one of the most reliable suppliers in the country.

In 2015, in line with the celebration of its 65th year anniversary, the company transferred to a huge 5 floor facility in Pasay City to accommodate the growing business. It is a lot area of 2,000 square meter property where the Warehouse, Distribution Center, Office, & Showroom is all consolidated in the same building complex to further improve the company’s overall efficiency & effectiveness ratings & speed up its operations.

With the company’s vision of supplying every room in every household in the Philippines; we continue to deliver quality goods and services to our customers.

We have branched out with our professional line of products and have also been supplying Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Canteens, Cafes, & Culinary Schools with our Industrial Grade products.

Today, in terms of product availability, quality, durability, and affordability, we, at Ramesh Trading Corporation are enjoying a reputation as being one of the most reliable suppliers in the country.

Ramesh Trading Corportion Office